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I’ll put it simply (sorry for the Liverpool fans that follow me but) Luis Suarez is a racist, cheating, diving, violent, disgusting arsehole, he basically defines scum. I could say a lot more on him but I won’t because well it would take forever.

Be glad you’re not black, he’ll abuse ya! de de de de de de de de de Luis Suarez (stupid catchy Celtic originated chant has been stuck in my head for a while)
I know people at Roar games who complain that when we chant “Just can’t seem to get enough” that we stole it from Liverpool.
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  1. dpaf said: aaaahh the diving… But, you know, they ALL dive, some more some less.:) Dont worry, I am not a Livepool fan, but I don’t think he’s racist. He was fined for racism but it seems that the whole thing was lost in translation with little facts.
  2. kylesbogusjourney said: *not racist* Evra said he wasn’t. Same with FA. Only issue I have with that.
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